Kyure Massage Chairs

Specialized Massage Chair supplier.

Kyure is a company that specializes in serving international small and medium dealers. We work closely with China's top massage chair factories to create a quality, affordable collection by picking the most competitive products from each company. On the other hand, by concentrating customer orders and harmonizing purchases, we are able to amplify the total order and get better prices and terms for our customers.

Our Story

Hi There,

Thank you for visiting this website. My name is Julian Chan, Co-founder of the Kyure Massage Chairs.


The idea of this business comes from one of my clients. He used to ask me for help for a poor quality chair he purchased. From his case, I noticed that a lot of small dealers may face the same problems- Can't find Good supplier and quality products.

Usually, they don't have the ability to visit real manufactures, and can only source through the internet. This put them in huge risk, as the 1st page of the internet is always occupied by those cyber kids, and most of them have zero industry knowledge.

At that time, I was thinking if I could do something with my industry experience and connections. After discussing with several friends in the industry, we decided to launch the Kyure project.

How It Works

For the Kyure project, to make it competitive, We met with leading Chinese factories, invite them to join our project. And pick competitive products from their offer. This allows us to get good products for each price range, as the different supplier may have different "Good at" ranges.


In this industry, big customers always enjoy the best prices, terms, and services. By bringing together dozens of small customers, our customers can enjoy the same low prices as big customers, ensuring you are as competitive as big players.


For the massage chair business, after-sales service is a very important part. Our team members are all senior industry experts, and when you got problems, we can provide solutions in the very first.

Our Vision

Bridging up massage chair business. 
Empower the distribution.
Creat great value for the whole supply chain. 

Our Office

We now got 2 offices: one in Shenzhen, the center of small massagers industry; the other one is close to Wenzhou - a city famous for its massage chair industries.

Shenzhen Office Address: Building 14, Alley 1, Huaqiao New Village, Xixiang, Baoan, Shenzhen, China.

Wenzhou Office Address: #13 Wenzhou Est rd, Wenxi, Qingtian, Lishui, Zhejiang, China.

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Kyure Massage Chairs

Add No. 14, Alley 1, Huaqiao New Village, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518126 Guangdong China

Tel: +86 138 0224 7190


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