KY-L04 Luxury 3D L massage chair

The KY- L04 is our most popular 3D chair. Its side panel is made by ABS plastic, which makes it free from being scratched by pets. Its 3D mechanism structure is the most stable in the whole massage chair industry.

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Key Features
  • Equipped with patented ultra-thin 3D massage mechanism, it can provide kneading, tapping, pressing, knocking and shiatsu.

  • With body shape detecting function, fit user’s body size automatically.

  • Zero Gravity position

  • Zero Space technology, sliding forward while reclining down, save space requirement.

  • Leg massager with rolling and airbag massage, it can stimulate the reflecting region of the body, enhancing whole body health.

  • Armrest with wrapping arm airbags, providing pressing and shiatsu method on arm, promoting blood circulation.

  • Legrest can extend up to 23cm, allows it to fit users in different height.

  • With High-Resolution LCD screen, showing massage position, method and status.

  • Wireless Bluetooth music play.

  • With heating therapy on the waist, allows you to enjoy massage even in cold winter.

  • With USB charging port on the shoulder side, for you to charge your phone while massaging.


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