KY-L05 Luxury 4D massage chair

The KY- L05 is our best model, it equips with a 4D back roller, which is the latest technology in the industry. It allows the back roller to offer a more accurate, powerful and comfortable massage.

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Key Features
  • Zero Gravity: relax the whole body fully, and make the massage powerful.Super long L-shape track: allows the back roller to massage from head to thigh.                                                              

  • National-patent 4D flexible swing & heating massage machine with 8 rollers make the massage stronger and deeper. Quick back rubbing technique.

  • Body Scan: detecting the user's body shape, and fit the user's body shape automatically. 

  • Zero Space: Slide forward before lying down, saving space from the wall(3'' is ok).  

  • Air pressure massage for shoulder, waist, arm, butt, calf, and foot.  

  • Foot roller massage: Back and forth rolling,  scraping and air squeezing massage for feet. The rollers also have heat function which can provide a warm therapy for foot soles.

  • Extendable leg massager: up to 20cm,suitable for people with different height, and it can be adjusted by remote controller.      

  • Heat on Lower Back and Foot Soles, temperature adjustable

  • Voice control Side panel LED sleep lights.                                                                                                                   

  • Bluetooth connection for music display and app remote.                                                                                             

  • Calf kneading massage: the calf massager can move up and down to kneading the calves, help relieve pain and tiredness.


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